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Regulations for Working on Campus during COVID-19 Outbreak is an instruction from the department to maintain safety of the workspace during the pandemic. A daily self-screening survey is required recently for all personnel. Disobedience of the regulations could result in deactivation of key cards.

Media Highlights

1. Low Temperature Li-ion Battery Demonstration

2. Interview with Prof. Wang and Dr. Chongyin Yang on the halide based conversion-intercalation Li-ion battery

3. The transition metal free halide based Li-ion battery is getting media attention

4. CREB (Center for Research in Extreme Batteries)

5. Cuttable Battery that can be operated at -80~ +100 degree Celcius.

6. Difference in Reactivity between WiSE and Water

7. Authors Talked about Halogen Conversion-Intercalation Chemistry in Cathode.

8. Making a safer lithium-ion battery by C & EN

9. Cuttable, Smashable, Submersible Breakthrough Li-ion Battery Technology from APL, UMD & ARL

10. 4.0 V Aqueous Li-ion BatteriesĀ 


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