Wang Group Photo Gallery

The University of Maryland OTC 2016 Inventors of the Year Awards Reception, photographed at the Riggs Alumni Center in College Park MD,  May 9 2016.

2019 Christmas party at Dr. Wang’s home.

191209 Group members serving in the CREB meeting.

2019 Thanksgiving party at Dr. Wang’s home.

2019 Halloween, celebrating lab relocation to Kim Engineering Building, dinner at Latao Hotpot

190722 Farewell dinner for Boyu Wang, Drs. Yunyong Li and Huanhuan Li.

Dr. Wang, Dr. Xu, and Dr. Jeff Dahn.

2019.06.22 Drs. Chao Luo, Fudong Han, Xiulin Fan will start their academic careers as faculty this summer.  Farewell party at Dr. Wang’s home. Wish them get tenured soon!

2019.04.22 Juchen Guo come back to UMD to give a talk, Dr. Wang home.

2018.12.06 Haiying Che, Danzhu Liu, Peng Li, and Ruochen Xu is going back to China. Farewell dinner at Panda Gourmet.

2018.09.22 Minglei Mao, Jing Zheng, and Xiao Ji is going back to China to defend their theses. Farewell party at Dr. Wang’s home.

2018.08.03 Prof. Fengwei Shi will go back to China, group dinner at Sakura, wish her good luck.

2018.07.11 Farewell Party for Dr. Fei Wang and Tingting Qing at Dr. Wang’s house. 

2018.07.09 Dr. Fei Wang will continue his postdoctoal research in MIT. Way to go!!



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