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Clark School

Scott Andrew Wingate

Scott Andrew WingateUndergraduate Student
Aerospace Engineering
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742

E-mail: scottawingate@gmail.com
Phone: 410-919-8833



  • University of Maryland, College Park
    A. James Clark School of Engineering
    Major: B.S. Aerospace Engineering, expected May 2013
    Honors College, Aerospace Honors, Gemstone Program
    Year: Junior
    Credits Accumulated: 98
    Current GPA: 3.75


  • AP Scholar with Distinction
  • National Merit Commended Student
  • Merit Scholastic Award

Work Experience

  • Pool Operator and Lifeguard May-September 2010
    American Pool Enterprises Inc.
    Company Phone: 443-471-1190
    Supervisor: Kevin Poorman (kpoorman@aacps.org)
    Observed the patrons in the pool to enforce rules and make any rescues if necessary
    Maintained pool equipment and chemical levels

Technical Experience

  • Gemstone Research Team 2009-Present
    Coauthored the proposal to increase the energy density of lithium ion batteries through electrochemical deposition of silicon nanoparticles onto graphene sheets.
    Lead the cell construction subgroup which focuses on consistent battery assembly.
    Oversee work within the lab to ensure all subgroup members follow proper experimental procedures.
    Communicate with other subgroup leaders to coordinate lab usage and facilitate the transfer of experimental materials between subgroups.
    Edit the final drafts of all proposals and grant requests.
    Design and present oral reports to inform faculty of our progress and intentions.
  • Hovercraft Design Team Spring 2010
    Led the programming subgroup and made decisions on how the hovercraft should navigate.
    Calculated the lift fan size, power, and flow rate necessary to levitate the hovercraft.
    Modeled the layout of the hovercraft’s control components in Autodesk Inventor.
    Wrote code in C++ to allow the hovercraft to recognize walls using acoustic proximity sensors and make course adjustments by varying the voltages supplied to two control fans.
    Collaborated with the other subgroups to successfully construct a hovercraft which could complete the course autonomously in under the time allotted.
    Presented the outcome of the project in a written paper and oral report.

Other experiences working in a team environments:

  • Modeled an airfoil to study its aerodynamic properties in a wind tunnel. Worked with teammates to incorporate an air pressure sensing system into the airfoil’s body.
  • Directed a team for a high school senior design project. Designed and constructed a prototype system to mitigate the damage from large amounts of snow and ice accumulation on structures.

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages
  • Computer Aided Design
    Autodesk Inventor
  • Other
    Microsoft Office Suite

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