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Jun Fang

Visiting Professor from Xiaman University, China
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Room 1223D Chemical and Nuclear Building
Building #090
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742

E-mail: junfang@umd.edu
Phone: 301-405-1916





  • Ph.D. in Polymer Material Science and Technology, South China University of Technology, China, 2001
  • M.S. in Chemical Fiber, South China University of Technology, China, 1994
  • B. S. in Chemical Fiber, China Textile University, China, 1988


Research Interests

  • Fuel cells,
  • membrane science and technology,
  • functional polymer materials.

Professional Employment History

  • 2007-present: Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University, China,
  • 2002-2006; Lecturer, State Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Materials and
    Technologies, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
  • 1999-2002; Professional Expert, TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.
  • 1994-2002 Research Associate, Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Award and Scholarships

  • The Bank of China Research Award (2013)
  • Outstanding Communist Party Member (2011)
  • Excellent Undergraduate Students’ Advisor, Xiamen University (2008)


Journal Articles

  1. Wei Li, Jun Fang*, Ming Lv, Cuixue Chen, Xianjun Chi, Yixu Yang and Yanmei Zhang Novel anion exchange membranes based on polymerizable imidazolium salt for alkaline fuel cell applications, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21 (2011)11340-11346. (Impact Factor: 5.098)
  2. Jun Fang*Yixu Yang Xiaohuan Lu Meiling Ye Wei Li Yanmei Zhang, Cross-linked, ETFE-derived and radiation grafted membranes for anion exchange membrane fuel cell applications International Journal of Hydrogen Energy372012594-602. (Impact Factor: 4.052)
  3. Hankun Xu, Jun Fang*, Mingli Guo, Xiaohuan Lu, Xiaolan Wei, Song TuNovel anion exchange membrane based on copolymer of methyl methacrylate,vinylbenzyl chloride and ethylacrylate for alkaline fuelcells, Journal of Membrane Science,  354 (2010) 206-211. (Impact Factor: 3.674)
  4. Mingli Guo, Jun Fang*, Hankun Xu, Wei Li, Xiaohuan Lu, Chunhua Lan, Kunyuan LiSynthesis and characterization of novel anion exchange membranes based on imidazolium-type ionic liquid for alkaline fuel cellsJournal of Membrane Science 362 (2010) 97-104  (Impact Factor: 3.674)
  5. Yanmei Zhang, Jun Fang*, Yongbin Wu, Hankun Xu, Xianjun Chi, Wei Li, Yixu YangGe Yan, Yongze Zhuang, Novel fluoropolymer anion exchange membranes for alkaline direct methanol fuel cells, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science381 (2012) 59–66.  (Impact Factor: 3.066)
  6. Jun Fang*, Pei Kang Shen, Quaternized poly(phthalazinon ether sulfone ketone) membrane for anion exchange membrane fuel cells,  Journal of Membrane Science, 285 (2006) 317–322.  (Impact Factor: 3.674)
  7. Jun Fang*, Pei Kang Shen, Qinglin Liu Low methanol permeable sulfonated poly (phthalazinone ether sulfone) membranes for DMFCsJournal of Membrane Science, 293(2007)94-99.  (Impact Factor: 3.674)
  8. [8]Jun Fang*, Yongbin Wu, Yanmei Zhang, Preparation of Anion Exchange Membranes Base on Fluoro-polyacrylate for Alkaline Fuel CellsAdvanced Materials Research 485201284-87
  9. Jun Fang*, Changming Zhang, Yixu YangPreparation and characterization of polymer electrolyte membranes by radiation grafted copolymerizationAdvanced Materials Research 4852012110-113
  10. Jun Fang*, Yanmei Zhang, Yongbin Wu Preparation and Characterization of fluoropolymer anion exchange membrane for alkaline direct methanol fuel cellsEnergy Procedia142012133-136
  11. Ying Xiong, Jun Fang, Qing Hua Zeng, Qing Lin LiuPreparation and characterization of Cross-linked quaternized poly (vinyl alcohol) membranes for anion exchange membrane fuel cellsJournal of Membrane Science311 2008319-325.  (Impact Factor: 3.674)
  12. He Liu, Shaohua Yang, Suli Wang, Jun Fang, Luhua Jiang, Gongquan Sun, Preparation and characterization of radiation-grafted poly (tetrauoroethylene-co-peruoropropylvinylether) membranes for alkaline anion-exchangemembranefuelcells, Journal of Membrane Science 369 (2011) 277~283.  (Impact Factor: 3.674)
  13.  Jun Fang*, Hankun Xu, Xiaolan WeiPerformance of vanadium redox flow battery with a novel anion exchange membraneLecture Notes in Information Technology9201252-55
  14. Jun Fang*, Xianjun Chi and Changming ZhangA novel organic-inorganic hybrid membrane for anion exchange membrane fuel cellLecture Notes in Information Technology, 9201256-58
  15.  Jun Fang*, Hankun Xu, Xiaolan Wei, Mingli Guo, Xiaohuan Lu, Preparation and Characterization of quaternized poly (2,2,2-Trifluoroethyl methacrylate-co-N-vinylimidazole) membrane for vanadium redox flow, Polymers for Advanced Technologies , DOI: 10.1002/pat.3066.  (Impact Factor: 1.776)
  16. J.Y. Yang, Y. Wang, J. Fang, P.K. Shen, Preparation and characterization of Nafion/SPSF composite membranes, Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universi-tatis Sun Yat Sen, 46(5), 10-13 2007.
  17. Jian Hua Chen, Qing Lin Liu, Jun Fang, Ai Mei Zhu, Qiu Gen ZhangComposite hybrid membrane of chitosan–silica in pervaporation separation of MeOH/DMC mixturesJournal of Colloid and Interface Science 316 (2007) 580–588.
  18. Jian Hua Chen, Qing Lin Liu, Ai Mei Zhu, Jun Fang, Qiu Gen ZhangDehydration of acetic acid using sulfonation cardopolyetherketone (SPEK-C) membranesJournal of Membrane Science 308 (2008) 171–179.
  19. Jian Hua Chen, Qing Lin Liu, Ai Mei Zhu , Qiu Gen Zhang, Jun Fang, Pervaporation separation of MeOH/DMC mixtures using STA/CS hybrid membranesJournal of Membrane Science 315 (2008) 74-81.
  20. Song Tu , Yong Sha , Long-he Xu , Zong-yuan Xiao , Li-yi Ye and Jun FangStudies on the synthesis of 2-acyl-1H-indenes via one-pot palladium-catalysed tandem Heck-Caldol reaction, Journal of Chemical Research, 2010 , MAY,, 254-258
  21. Xia Lin, Jun Fang*, Preparation and characterization of novel pyridine-containing polybenzimidazole (PDA-PBI) membranes for high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Submitted

Professional Affiliations

  • The Electrochemical Society

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